History and tradition

The family tradition goes back to the threshold of the sixty’s by the hand of Martin Kollaian, who becoming independent in his job as a leather craftsman began to build a workshop dedicated to women’s elegance.
Since then, his obsession for good taste, and the care of the detail and all what makes the quality went shaping the basis of his company.
Sensuality was his main concept, the essence of the feminine his inspiration. Bring the woman the delicacy of a shoe, meant to him to dedicate a touch of harmony to her beauty.
The precise handwork has defined, from the beginning, the refinement of our shoe.
Together with the love for our trade and other fundamental concepts, we have inherited art of giving life to each pair of shoes.


We are located in South America, in a small, beautiful country called Uruguay.
In this land, mix of cultures, heaven and water never hide. Its weather, the homogeneous geography, the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean define its people personality.
Among quality producers and a rich artistic expression, its capital city, Montevideo, lodges us.


To us, a company it’s more tan a name, behind it there is a group of men and women that work and dream around a common idea. At Marant, those who share the commitment to direct it, guide ourselves from the philosophy of strengthen the quality of a completely handmade product.

With the Challenge to the permanence of this concept we have walked through time and adapting ourselves to the continuous changes we had always found answers in our beliefs.

Through this means we now want to introduce ourselves and welcome you to our company.


Dedicate a woman a shoe void of vulgarity.
Dress up her feet projecting her image, combining in a dreamily way the suggestive of her step with comfort.


In Marant we take care of keeping the confidence that each customer places in us. It’s because of that, we always work taking into account the service. In the responsible attention we search for a quick answer to their needs and we carry out the delivery of your requests at right time.

Through years we have reinforced our experience in the field of “well making”. Commercialization of our product is the result of having put into practice values of excellence. Aimed to a customer who knows to distinguish, we put in the local market and abroad a product which meets international quality demands.


To study your ideas, capture them in a first prototype and evaluate them with criteria.
To develop the shoe as a customer requires producing it afterwards: this is also our job. In a close and combined work we define design solutions of specific lines. We offer exclusivity, respecting the intimacy of your styles.


In spite of the transformations technology has given to the trade, we believe in the craftsmanship and we declare ourselves proud of our tradition.
We create each shoe as it was a work of art; connecting the senses, the ability and the method, giving to it, in each stage, the value of a unique piece. Only this way, with dedicated work, a singular quality shoe is born. Because the eyes, hands, neatness and love of an expert craftsman legitimating the soul of each good pair.

Form and substance

A high quality shoe is the result of each piece and each step of its production. From the design and development of a model we look for the equilibrated symbiosis between the materials and their shape.

The careful selection of fine leathers is one of the premises of our starting points.
In the variety of colours, textures, softness, flexibility and endurance; this noble material attracts us, seduces us by its touch and there’s no possible imitation that could give us that sensation.

In it’s variety of colours, textures, softness, flexibility and endurance; this noble material attracts us, seduces us by its touch and there’s no possible imitation that could give us that sensation.

A hand made shoe

Shoemakers that work at our workshop cut, prepare, assemble, put the sole, hammer … From the beginning to the end, the making process is entirely handmade. In this real beehive work, each one uses their adequate tool and puts all their attention and care to get the maximum quality on each stage.
Leather shaping is an art that runs through their veins. Life, attractiveness and comfort of a brand new pair are the reflection of a complete and conscious devotion to the trade. Because of this is that a hand made shoe will always give off a certain magic.

The creation

Every design should transmit a message; is from this basis that we give way to imagination. Languages, symbols, gestures, the unavoidable need to communicate…
From the first drawing to the birth of a new style, we live each creation in a very special way.


To play with lines, necklines, sensuality, to sketch each model, to contemplate it in its materials, to lift it up with heels, to try … to design the shoes from the “heart last” and adjust it with fine lines of a hand. To refine each model to the extreme, to understand them and bring them to life, to express a time and translate the singularity of good taste, this is the design and its mission. This is how we make the style that represents and projects the identity of our shoe.


Committed to the craftsman condition, it’s not our idea to compete with the industrial speed, nor with its quantities. It’s the quality factor which sets our distinctive feature. We are of those who believe that there will always be people looking for something special.
At Marant we use the best, natural skins and noble materials with the emphasis of fine endings. This is how we get this product, carefully worked in its quality, stamping our mark on the attention to the minimum detail.

Exotic skins

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The use of exotic skins inspires the creation of the most elegant shoes in the world.
They produce a singular fascination and challenge the skills of every designer.
The natural beauty of these leathers speaks for itself and adds the value of the original touch to each article.

- Hairy Colt - Yacare Crocodile - Rhea
- Frog - Reptile - Chinchilla - Fish - others





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